Ronin on the Wall

Welcome to our Adventure Log!
Ronin gather ...

You were once a member of a clan.
Perhaps from one of the seven so-called "Great Clans, perhaps one of the many, many minor clans.
When you were of your clan, you were viewed as a rising star and were recognized first at your clan’s annual gempukku ceremony (the ‘coming of age’, where samurai are first acknowledged as adults).

That was then; this is now.
You are ronin – clanless, masterless, viewed as a disgrace by many of the Empire.

How did you become clanless?
- this can be as short or as detailed as you desire
- feel free to ask me about this aspect

What has brought you to the Crab lands?
- looking to use your skills
- looking for a place where you will be accepted
- desire for redemption
- hiding from someone, group, thing
- other
- again, feel free to ask about this

Keep your eyes posted for more details …


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