Mirumoto Taki

Let me 'splain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up.


Taki was a young up-and-comming bushi. He was on the fast-ish track to prominence. Came from the right family. Very adept at martial skills and not totally useless at court.

He was assigned to be the bodyguard for his brother. He caught the eye of a young lady. Life was pretty good. While escorting his brother on a trip to one of the monasteries, he ran off with his lady-friend for a little tumble in the weeds. Just then – Bandit attack! Taki manages to get his pants on fast enough to kill the bandits and save his brother, while taking a pretty good cut to the face, ruining one eye.

When reporting what happened to their Lord, Taki, his brother, and lady friend all leave out the rolling in the weeds bit. As such, Taki is seen as failing to prevent the ambush, but succeeding in saving his brother at the cost of his own eye.

As such, he is given the punishment of exile over sepuku because it was deemed that someone acting so honorably may still be salvaged as a use to the clan. He takes the offer, even though he probably shouldn’t. So he’s on a quest to regain his standing with his, or maybe the Crab, clan. It’s not clear that he’s actually worth of this redemption. Or if he even cares to get back into noble socieity. Taki is not really a very good person.

Mechanically – crust duelist.

Mirumoto Taki

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