Welcome to our new campaign!

You are Ronin.
You weren’t always ronin but you are now.
Looking to be ronin no more, your path has led you to Crab lands and The Wall, where you hope that by serving in the fight against the Shadowlands, you will find a path to glory and redemption.

We will be using L5R 4th edition rules (of which a hard copy and a .pdf copy of the basic rules plus additional 4th edition .pdfs are available – also a variety of earlier edition items which are useful for flavour and setting details, if anyone is interested).
Please note: The setting will harken back to a slightly earlier time of the Empire, roughly mid to late 11th century, which is a bit more than a century before the ‘current’ L5R time (‘current’ L5R is late 12th century).

Ronin on the Wall

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